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BC Mandatory Vaccine Passports For Businesses

It seems like out of the blue today BC decided to implement a vaccine passport system of sort where for certain businesses only fully vaccinated people may be able to enter. This is a complete flip as originally health officials stated they were not going to implement such a decision. Apparently, these are the types of businesses that will be affected:

-indoor ticketed sporting events
-indoor concerts
-indoor theatre/dance/symphony events
-restaurants (indoor and patio dining)
-night clubs
-movie theatres
-fitness centres/gyms (excluding youth recreational sport)
-businesses offering indoor high-intensity group exercise activities
-organized indoor events (eg. weddings, parties, conferences, meetings, workshops)
-discretionary organized indoor group recreational classes and activities

It appears that essential businesses won’t have this restriction such as grocery stores. While division among people is definitely expected, I am not even sure how this works legally for a business overall. For example, some businesses are choosing to force all its employees to get vaccinated or tested frequently. In this case if non vaccinated people are barred from attending these venues wouldn’t that technically mean all businesses are now forced to fire all of its unvaccinated staff? Again, I really wonder how this would all work from a legal standpoint. I am almost inclined to say I don’t think they really thought this one out thoroughly.

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