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Channeling Disappointment To Opportunity

Today I attended this law day event here in Vancouver BC where regular citizens participated in a public forum in-front of a lot of key personnel whether it be chief judges, police officers or media figures. There has been a lot of gang violence here recently which contributed to a bigger interest in the subject I suppose.

But one thing that stood out for sure is that there were a ton of people who felt that they got mistreated by the justice system which resulted in extreme financial losses. There was this one lady who I believe talked about how she lost over $600,000 in an ordeal and one guy saying how a 15 minute court time costed like $4500. Business wise, many complain too that they never get to go to court to settle offers as it is too expensive.

As you expect, what was suppose to be a question session sometimes turned into a huge rant. I was just thinking too how there are so many better ways to deal with situations like these. Like in these cases losing a lot of money isn’t something to sneeze at that’s for sure. Especially when you are relying on a third party person to help you in the situation.

Instead of focusing on things that you have no control over, I say you should focus your energy on things that you do have control over. For example, like with these court cases it doesn’t help to yell in-front of the judges implying how corrupt the system is and all that. Instead, if they focus on getting their story across in a documented and factual way to expose something that could in turn generate support and pressure for them to have to take notice.

I guess the two quotes I have heard about turning disappointment into an opportunity is when life gives you lemon make lemonade out of it. As well, if life throws crap at you make fertilizer out of it. It’s a mindset you need if you ever want to survive in a business or self employed setting I’d say. Not to mention life in general.

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