BC Ebike Rebate Up To $1400
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BC Ebike Rebate Up To $1400

Apparently for BC residents her the government is introducing a plan to encourage people to purchase an Ebike where they could get up to $1400 in credit towards their purchase. That sounds like a lot where many people would be inclined to get one right? But what is the catch if any? For starts, apparently you have to purchase an Ebike that is at least $2000 to qualify for the rebate. So at minimum you would have to spend at least $600 before taxes in total. Funny enough, I actually assumed the Ebikes would be around $600 initially.

As well, the amount of funds you get is based on your net income as it states the following:

Less than $38,950 rebate is $1400
$38,951 – $51,130 rebate is $1000
More than $51,131 rebate is $350

Apparently, it will only be certain bikes that will be officially listed as well. So either way you will probably have to spend quite a few dollars to get an Ebike in the end. If anything, I would be inclined to say it would suit primarily people who were thinking of buying an Ebike regardless of this as the investment may still be too high to convince people to get one for the heck of it as an example to use from time to time.

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