Basing Your Success On How Much Haters You Have
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Basing Your Success On How Much Haters You Have

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What an interesting twist as to how to gauge success in life when it comes to a business project. Usually people would rely on positive feedback from customers or getting great ratings from some kind of publication to help promote one’s product or services. You can’t please everyone of course so you are bound to have people who dislike what you do.

That was the interesting thing as there was a bunch of people who celebrated getting negative feedback as a sign that they are going to the right direction. Basically the mentality is initially they are getting all positive reviews which means they are still stuck as a big fish in a small pond. For example, it’s just your friends and family members that are supporting your venture. But seeing the negative feedback means they are now out in the big pond with all the sharks. More reward but also more punches coming at you as well I guess you can say.

That is an interesting way of looking at it. In many ways it is true I suppose where if you really made it that big then theoretically that should mean you should have a ton of people that want to see you fail and will just hate everything you do. Must not mix up genuine dislike though like under cooking something at a restaurant type of negative feedback.

If anything I guess it’s just a way of saying you shouldn’t take extremely harsh words from people who don’t want you to succeed as a bad thing but rather a good thing that you are going up as they continue to yell from below.

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