Is Bank Loyalty A Silly Notion
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Is Bank Loyalty A Silly Notion

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There has been one bank that I have been using ever since I was a child where for the most part the main reason I still have an account with them is because I have been with them for so long. The rates and plans actually feel like some of the worst available compared to the other options. Yet despite all this I am still with them. Just recently too they announced some fee changes to its plans. So should I just leave where there should be no such thing as brand loyalty per se when it comes to banking?

I guess another reasons that I don’t just immediately leave is because I have enough funds in the account to bypass the fees. Realistically though if you had to save virtually every penny that you can and the bank has pretty poor plans an high fees then that’s probably one of the first things you should change which is the bank. It does seem silly in that case to stay simply to be nice.

At this point the only real positive advantage with them I can see is that they have a ton of branches that you can visit if needed. Brand loyalty can often be good for other things such as visiting stores that reward you to do so or having staff that you see regularly and trust. But if it is just about the cold hard numbers is being loyal to a bank just a waste?

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