Bad Vancouver Air Quality And Air Purifier Investments
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Bad Vancouver Air Quality And Air Purifier Investments

Well today there was definitely a ton of haze outside as it was predicted due to all the wildfire happening in the US which is getting swept up here. Apparently what is considered normally as one of the best cities for air quality just took a nosedive because of it. One thing that was immediately noticeable is that the air purifier has been going into medium mode frequently when usually it just stays in a slow silent mode.

This actually makes me think how I am glad that I invested in an air purifier even though before may people think it is an overkill. As I mentioned I usually don’t mind investing in things that help to enhance my overall health and lifestyle to stay healthy. Because you will end up paying more down the road in my view if you don’t take care of yourself with medical bills.

Although one thing I never invested in which I did think was a bit too much is an air purifier mask for the outdoors. But with so many places requiring you to wear a mask to enter the vicinity nowadays would you be okay paying say $200 for an air purifying fan mask as an example? I’m sure it would be useful during smoke filled sky times like these.

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