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Bad Reviews VS A Good Price

So I saw this item that was on sale and it just so happens that the price was extremely low to the point where people usually don’t have to think twice to buy. The funny thing is the product has so many bad reviews across the board where it would seem really silly to buy it. Example, imagine if a brand new car was selling for $500 yet it had the worst gas mileage and various parts were known to not last very long.

Would you be inclined to still buy the product anyways if the price was right like in this case? From what I see many people would still buy the items in droves even with the bad reviews. Kind of makes you wonder why as if it is universally known to say break down fast you are probably going to end up spending more money anyways. If the whole point is to save money you may as well look into longevity.

The only time I personally kind of ignore bad reviews is if the people that are reviewing it seem to have a bias for a certain brand per se. But other than that I would usually opt to save my money for a more expensive purchase in scenarios like this .

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