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Awkward BC Teacher Strike Moment

As most locals are aware of there is a teacher strike happening here and as a result various schools are closed as you see teacher’s protesting with signs. There was one awkward moment today as I saw a bunch of teacher’s with their signs gathered around a restaurant that is near the school they worked at. The assumption by most is that they were simply walking around to get more attention. However, in the end they all went into the restaurant and started eating while having a good time.

The main thing that got most people was that it was only about 10:00am where if it was a school day they would normally be working. Therefore, there were a few people who were cynical over the situation. Kind of an interesting scenario I thought as if this was a business that would probably be a PR disaster as I’m sure in those situations people would view others under a microscope. Course business wise for the restaurant I’m sure they didn’t mind as they got a lot of business as a result.

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