Awful Feeling of Spending Money Due To A Schedule Rush
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Awful Feeling of Spending Money Due To A Schedule Rush

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I usually avoid having to use a vehicle in order to save money where for the most part it has worked out very well. Usually if I do need fast transportation the public transit does just fine. But recently I had to take a taxi as time was tight due to some sudden schedule changes. It wasn’t even that long of a ride too in my mind as it lasted about twenty minutes. The total fee for that though was over thirty dollars. To me that sounded enormous considering if time wasn’t a factor I could have easily taken say a three dollar bus ride to the same destination.

That negates so much of m other savings efforts where often times it is very little but it adds up. One dollar a day can equal to say thirty in a month. Then to have this one expense eat up into all that effort is a terrible feeling. But I didn’t really have much of a choice. Do you end up working harder trying to make up for this unexpected expense? For me it just encourages me to try and think ways to avoid it in the future. Even getting one of those car shares would have better price wise.

Too bad we don’t have ride sharing here too which would have been nice. This is an example too why I often like to find ways to save and earn money because in many ways I do treat it as a I need to make it up in some way now. That could mean saving more or earning more even though realistically it isn’t urgent. It’s mainly about developing the habit of always wanting to stay ahead financially. Like saying you shouldn’t wait until you have zero dollars in the account before you start building up that nest to a certain level. Don’t take over spending in this cases as just nothing.

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