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Awards And References For Sales Pitches

Interesting debate I saw today where there were two real estate agents talking about how the market is going up and it seemed like both of them had a different view in terms of how much say a property or a house was worth. For one place in particular one guy said he could sell it for $850,000 and the other guy said $750,000. Quite a substantial difference and as you can imagine both were competing to act as the realtor for the property.

What was interesting to me was how one guy went to extreme lengths to edify himself. Example, he brought all these sales awards that he has won to prove that he is one of the best in the area as well as having all of these letter of references from previous customers. I’m talking almost a catalog type of stack. Bit too much don’t you think? For myself, things like awards would make me more intrigued in wanting to learn more about the person’s qualifications as opposed to convincing me that they are the most qualified or trustworthy.

One is enough I’d say unless you are creating like a commercial where people’s attention span is very limited. In-person it just seems a bit desperate when you show too much.

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