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Avoiding Political And Belief Discussions In Business

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The other day a person was asking me if I got this new game that just came out as he did and he was looking for others to connect with. I didn’t get my copy yet as I ordered it online so unfortunately I couldn’t hang out with him. To my surprise he then started to write messages on how I should have bought it from a local company which he bought it from as it helps the economy more in his view. Reason being was that his company had physical stores that actually hire people. His I when it got weird as the company I bought it from actually did have physical stores. I just happened to have bought it online.

Afterwards it seemed like he desperately tried and Google search for points on why the company I shopped from is in a sense unethical. I kind of entertained it a bit and then just quickly searched negative articles about the company he shopped with and even asked “what is the point of this?” It made me think about business and working relationships as well where many times people lose deals and connections because they try to turn everything political or as if it is some kind of activism opportunity. There is a time and place for those things.

In this case though it’s almost like inviting someone to go to a restaurant to eat and when they order their meal you then talk about how it is unethical to eat meat or ordering things that are imported. It’s almost like a sure way to make the person not want to associate with you. Again, there is a time and place for these kinds of conversations. Not a good idea to bring stuff like that up overall if the focus is supposed to be purely business related.

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