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Auction Sites After Employee Incentive Days

Most distributors who work with retailers normally provide their employees with some kind of annual incentive where people are allowed to purchase products for very cheap. Essentially, this is to help people familiarize themselves with the products as well as spreading the word about it. Most often people buy these discounted products with the intent of just trying to sell them to someone else as the prices are extremely low compared to the retail price.

Usually then too you can go to auction sites and find a load of these items from employees trying to unload them. Example, I often see people selling computer processor packages that are normally about $400 attempt to auction them off for about $200. That’s not a bad deal if you are looking to save money. In some cases though these products are not meant to be resold and so you should make sure that everything would work okay if you did purchase it off someone such as a license being tied to them.

Usually company websites actually display these types of events that are occurring too which is a good way to find out if there will be a ton of people trying to resell products incase you don’t know people personally who work in various companies.

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