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Assuming The Public Wouldn’t Care

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What an odd scenario I saw. While passing by this local grocery store there was this restaurant that had the door opened a little with a door stopper. I guess they did this to let some fresh air out. The thing was just outside there was a homeless person sleeping so near to it that if you opened the door all the way it would actually hit him. Now in general the business owners saw this but just left it as is. Of course a lot of bystanders and customers just thought it was interesting.

For the most part they were saying that they didn’t do anything about it as it didn’t seem like anyone cared anyways. Though it really makes me wonder if it’s more people just simply don’t know what to do or say. I guess in an over the top way it would be like say an aggressive person who is constantly spewing loud profanity where most people wouldn’t dare to say anything as they are afraid it would escalate into something worst.

I just wonder in this situation if that guy being there actually stopped people from going in too where the business essentially lost potential customers because of it. I just know many times these are the type of things you can’t necessarily wait for someone to say something before doing anything.

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