Assuming People Can Use Your Products List

Assuming People Can Use Your Products List

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I thought this was interesting as I was contacted by a company recently where they expressed interest in having me test out a product they were releasing which was an accessory for a camera it seems. While that makes sense from a business point of view to get real people to try out your products, the thing is I actually don’t even have the camera in which their product would be used on.

Thinking back, it would appear they just assumed I did have it as I spoke about it in the past. So someone could have just been possibly creating a list of sort of everyone they find who even mentions it as a prospective partner for their product promotion. I guess for myself it would immediately show insincerity in regards to the business really wanting to work with someone versus just playing the numbers.

If people actually did have the camera though you wouldn’t’ really be able to tell. So in that sense it probably works for a lot of businesses. Would you think that is worth it overall as a result in terms of the potential gain versus loss in reputation?

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