Asking For A Second Opinion When Everything Seems Okay

Asking For A Second Opinion When Everything Seems Okay

Imagine a scenario where your business seems to be running okay where you have been using a third party company for its services for quite a while. Hey essentially tell you what you need where you pay them the money to do so and the bottom line is things get done. While that is great it can be wise to always remember to get a different opinion or preform an audit from time to time to make sure the advice you are given is truly the best for you.

I was thinking of an example where one company was telling another that in order to transfer these large files to their server they would need to pay a ton of money to create a system for it. In reality they could just use things like a simple FTP program. But because the organization was using the company for so long they just sort of accept and abide to everything they are told.

That’s a good example why you have to keep companies in check still otherwise you could be spending way more than you should where the only people benefit is the other party. If you think about it asking a different company or person can be good too where if it is a competitor then more than likely each side will genuinely try to find the flaws to try and win your business. Competition can be good too.

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