Asking People To Do Things For Free

Asking People To Do Things For Free

I received a phone call just recently from a person I just met awhile ago and he was interested in acquiring my services for Internet related work. Apparently he was having trouble in setting up his e-mail account for his site and phoned me to ask if he could just send me the information to set it up for him. Since he mentioned it was kind of urgent, that meant not being paid for it.

I was just kind of thinking in my mind whether or not I should as many times people tend to continually expect you to do things for free for them in these fashions. This situation is a little more awkward as well considering the intent was to establish a working business relationship.

In the end, I did mention that I would be willing to help him set it up since it should be fairly quick I thought. Too nice in a business situation? Maybe, but just glad to help I guess.

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  • seul 7/27/2009

    Why do people always have to measure everything in money?

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