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Asking Friends To Help You In Your Business For Free

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The other day a person had what I considered to be a little peculiar mindset when it comes to asking friends to help him with his business ventures. Essentially in his mind asking friends to help you out whether it be physical labor or performing tasks should be considered as nothing more than having fun as opposed to work. Again, to me that is so weird. For me personally I am always mindful where if I ever ask friends for help in that way then my approach should be to compensate them like I would with anyone else. If they decide to do it for free then that is up to them.

I feel many times too it’s inappropriate to ask for help when it revolves around the idea of using your friends to save money from hiring another person for your business. Especially if it is something that the person does as a profession and normally gets paid. It’s different if they offer and usually that is the great scenario of having friends you trust where people with different skill-sets can help each other out when needed. But again, that should be up to them as opposed to expecting people to actually do it.

I wonder personally how people develop that mindset where a friends equates to being able to essentially get free stuff from. At most I think you can ask for help but don’t automatically expect it for free. Probably one way to ruin a friendship too if you keep insisting people should have to help you in your ventures.

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