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Asking Friends And Family To Do Work

Kind of interesting today as there was a discussion about secret shoppers and how companies spend a lot of money contracting third parties to help evaluate the business and its employees. At first I asked what company they used and funny enough I was told they didn’t use a company but rather they simply asked friends and family members to drop by when they have time to give them feedback. This wasn’t a mom and pop shop type of operation too as the company itself has divisions all over the world.

In many ways I suppose it can make sense as your friend or family member can technically be like any other customer. Although the biggest issue would probably be the they most likely wouldn’t know all the questions to ask employees to know if they are on top of their game or not. At the same time asking friends or family to do it can probably make people feel weird as if you aer simply getting free labor.

Although it is an option though that many people simply overlook if you are looking to save money from hiring a third party to evaluate your business. I know for like myself if I had a friend’s business that was say in the same mall that I am going anyways I wouldn’t mind dropping by and relaying any feedback that I saw. Sometimes yo just need to ask.

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