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Asking For The Price First

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Well, I made a little error today. I was originally planning to get a hair cut from the people that I regularly go to but it appeared that they weren’t around. So instead I went to another place that was the on the to where I had to go. For the most part it seemed okay and I was in a semi and the price seemed fair at $10.

Afterwards the person asked me if I wanted to have them wash my hair and all. My first reaction was that I had to get going so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. I was then told it would be super fast and so I accepted. The funny thing was that it didn’t occur to me to ask how much this would cost as I simply assumed at the moment they just wanted to offer a good service.

Turned out in the end that wash was about $15 alone. It was exactly anything special either. Guess it was one of those things where I don’t really get asked that too much since I usually always go to the same people. Although, if it was a situation like a restaurant where the waiter asks if you would like say “Drink of the day” I would usually definitely ask for the price ahead of time. Was a bit of a loss there for that careless thinking.

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