Asking For or Creating Opportunities With Others

Asking For or Creating Opportunities With Others

For myself I am usually always keen in collaborating with others as a way to experience new things where sometimes you just need people with a different skillset and approach to create bigger and better things. So whenever I meet new people I have the mindset of what do we all bring to the table where combined can we create something great out of it?

While I feel that should be a pretty common approach it’s kind of interesting to me still when people approach in more of a call them when you have something for them route. For example, you meet someone new where your hope is that based on a numbers game you will at least find someone that needs to buy something from you. Or at the same can provide you with an opportunity that you are looking for.

To me it feels too much like you are an employee looking for a job when you just approach everyone that way. The positive thing I would imagine in meeting other entrepreneurs is that they should in a sense be a self-starter. It’s just about filling in the areas they lack knowledge in and vice versa for yourself. Once you solve that you should be able to create something together which ultimately means actively creating the opportunity you are looking for as opposed to just tagging along.

It’s different if you are networking with a supplier of some sort where in that case it’s purely a retail transaction type of scenario. But if you meet people for the purpose of wanting to create new opportunities having the mindset of actually wanting to create things with each other can be more productive in every way.

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