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Artificial Challenge

This was a little silly I thought. Essentially, I was reading how there was one person who pretty much owned the market when it came to a particular niche. As you can imagine, he was able to make a very good living out of it. Eventually he lost it all and the reason behind was strange indeed. Since he dominated the market there didn’t seem to be anyone else that even wanted to enter that same niche as to them it would be a waste of time as they would just lose to him anyways.

Because of that, he was bored. Surprisingly, what he did was that he purposely slacked off to make his business worst as he felt this way someone would come in to challenge him which he would then be able to easily crush. That just seems so crazy when I think about it as you are in such a fortunate position. Not surprisingly, what ended up happening was that competitors did come into play and he simply couldn’t recover as people simply went elsewhere.

If you ever feel bored, so to speak, I would think the better idea would be to find new things to create and expand upon as opposed to risking what you have worked hard to establish. Or better yet, find ways to put whatever it is you created on auto pilot and use it as a way to fund a different kind of aspiration that you have.

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