Are You Threatening Me Sir?

Are You Threatening Me Sir?

Okay, the title makes it sound a bit over dramatic as I suppose it wasn’t technically a threat. But I received a very strange request where someone was apparently hired/contracted to try and compete with my blog in regards to a particular subject/topic. Now the person claimed that he tried very hard with no luck and so instead a message was sent to me requesting that I remove my blog for a certain amount of days.

The person sounded innocent enough though I guess and so I am more interested in the party that requested for such a deed. I just thought everything about it sounded like a joke at first to be honest. I won’t comment too much about it for now as I am currently investigating the details as it is better to have all the facts in place while not prematurely exposing the wrong people.

I just thought it was so weird too on how I did not start this blog with any kind of business/commercial gain in mind but rather as a way to hopefully help people while having fun. Yet as apparent, I guess you can’t avoid being targeted by some kind of business/commercial activity when you reach a certain point.

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