Apple Vision Pro Costing $3500

Apple Vision Pro Costing $3500

Today there was an announcement from Apple about its much speculated AR headset where most people assumed it was going to be very expensive at about $2000 or so. But with the announcement today the price was closer to $3500. Not surprisingly, this got a lot of reaction from people on how unaffordable that is for the average individual and makes you wonder if it will sell at all. It probably will sell initially as there are always early adopters for premium priced items.

It is interesting though as the price itself seems to be generating the most conversation as there are even videos where the crowd seems exciting about the product which turns into disbelief when they are told the price. From viral marketing point of view that high price tag is probably generating a lot of attention for them as even people who aren’t even interesting in AR products would react to that price tag.

In some strange way you could be like those restaurants that create ridiculously high priced food where you know rich people will order it while providing an conversation piece that people will talk about. I am curious if this product will hold up as some say people were equally critical when the iPhone was first announced with a high price tag as well. Then gain, a phone isn’t the same thing as an AR headset that is primarily recreational at this point for most people.

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