Annual Pass Considerations
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Annual Pass Considerations

Today one of my family members whizzed by a site attraction here called Science World with my nephew as it was a sunny day and all. They were going to go in just to find out that even for little kids the cost would be about $12 to get in and they didn’t think it was worth it for such a short stay. Then a topic was brought up on how buying single passes to places like the aquarium was just as expensive.

My brother was then saying how when he brought his son to the place a ticket was about $20 for the child. But then he noticed that the annual pass was about $100. Even though he only intended to go there for that one day he figured that the $100 pass seemed like a way better value and therefore he bought that just incase they return in the future. He figured his son would ask to go back anyways and that one day they could always just plan to go all of a sudden.

I was just thinking how that can be a great way to save money where one would try to find passes that allow to you attend places continuously as opposed to buying single tickets. Example, I guess this can hold true for things like movie rentals where getting annual plans can be better than just renting things individual. You have to make sure that there is a reasonable or likely chance that you will use the value of the pass as well. Otherwise it will end up like those unused fitness centre passes that so many people have.

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