An Organized Wallet Is A Sign of One’s Financial Status
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An Organized Wallet Is A Sign of One’s Financial Status

This was something interesting and kind of fun that I learned before. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of how you can judge someone’s current situation in life by looking at how clean their room is or whether or not their working desk is organized. Awhile back I was watching this program and they had this speaker who mentioned that all people who are financially well off with say no debt always have an organized wallet.

What he meant by this is say we have a bunch of five, ten, twenty, fifty or hundred dollar bills(I think it is crazy to actually carry too much money btw and wouldn’t recommend it). For a lot of people they would simply just throw it in their wallets with all of the bills mixed up. Whenever they need to pay for something with cash they would literally take out all of their money at once and then attempt to gather the appropriate amount. He then mentioned that if you open the wallet of someone who doesn’t seem to be stressed out over money you would see that all of their money are organized where say all the five dollar bills are grouped up accordingly with the rest being the same as if it was organized in a folder. Basically they would literally have all their money from lowest to highest lined and grouped up.

That got me interested before as I always did organize my wallet like that too but never thought about it in that way. So for fun I actually asked some of my friends who would complain about money if I could see their wallets and sure enough they had a disorganized wallet. This was back when we were kids incase you are wondering and so of course I don’t ask adults this. While this is obviously not a law or anything, I thought this was kind of a fun and unique way of showing how it’s the little things that you do that can say a lot about your current situations and maybe it’s those little things that you need to do in order to turn things around if that is what you are aiming for.

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