An Interesting Credit Card Payment Story
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An Interesting Credit Card Payment Story

Today I was told about an incident where there was a person who did not pay his credit card bill on time and as a result he received a lot of interest penalty on it. The person then phoned in and questioned why it worked this way.

The representative then explained how he has to pay the bill on or before the due date listed on his statement to avoid interest charges. His answer was that he thought the credit card expiry date was when one has to pay their bills and so he pleaded to the company to erase his current debt because of it.

The representative never heard of this before in his life and so he gave the person the benefit of doubt and credited their account for the interest charges. Of course, he still had to pay what he charged on the card. I was just thinking is that really possible for a person to not know that or was the person just really creative in getting sympathy? Interesting story nonetheless.

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  • Marcie 11/18/2007

    I’m guessing:

    1. the interest charges weren’t really that high, so crediting the account was worth it to make a customer happy;

    2. the person really didn’t know how to use credit cards – anyone who’s worked in customer service will attest that sometimes people are that naive/uneducated/just plain stupid;

    3. the rep just doesn’t care, for whatever reason;

    4. a combination of the above three.

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