An Accidental Delivery Driver Employee Message Mishap

An Accidental Delivery Driver Employee Message Mishap

I was e expecting a delivery recently and unfortunately, I got one of those common scenarios where the delivery driver didn’t even bother to ring the bell as they just placed a slip that said no one was home. At times like this it’s good to have a video doorbell. So naturally I tried to track it online and that’s where the oddness of this scenario unfolded.

The first odd thing was how in the report it indicated that the driver tried to deliver it to a different city that I don’t even reside in. So with that it seems like they automatically brought it to a location where I would have to pick it up. That was irritating of course and I was going to make a complaint. But not too long after before I contacted them the status changed as it seems like they moved the parcel again to the delivery terminal.

A few days later, it seemed like they actually tried to deliver it and the person actually rang the bell this time and I received the parcel. The interesting thing was that there was this piece of note on the box which appeared to be instruction for the employee. As you can see, it seemed to be instructions on how they need to try and deliver a parcel twice for home addresses. I am guessing when it was at the self pickup depot whoever was in charge was wondering why they quickly placed it there.

You have to wonder if the courier driver didn’t really care much to leave this note on as well. It’s always interesting to see accidental behind the scenes business operations procedures. Which makes you think how it’s odd where in this company various departments must not much communication with each other to not simply inform the worker of company policies as an example. It’s almost like they simply hire people quickly with no training afterwards.

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