Amount of Wants or Needs To Justify A Purchase
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Amount of Wants or Needs To Justify A Purchase

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I was reading this comment about a person that tried to play this simple free online game. The issue was it ran a little slow due to the age of his computer. Because of that one game alone he was thinking of buying a new computer. This isn’t a person that plays games a lot too as for the most part it is for productivity applications where everything works fine for him.

For myself the only way I would immediately purchase a new replacement is if the current item I had was completely broken/unusable. Other than that, I usually need to find three big faults in these types of items of me to justify a purchase such as a new computer. Example, it would have to run modern day software very slow, there is a lack of disc space and it is making say a lot of noise cause the parts are getting old.

Some may say that is a bit too much, but for most items it’s all about getting the max life of the product for what you paid I’d say. Otherwise it’s no different than say throwing away half of the groceries you buy because you simply want to try something sweeter as opposed to something being wrong with it.

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