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America’s Money Class Money Lesson Notes

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Today was the last episode for that America’s money class it seems. Overall I don’t think I discovered any real tricks to use and many times I found that the advice that was given by Suze Orman was specific to US people only which is understandable since it is an American program. One thing of course that they mentioned throughout the show is that afterwards people can take this “final exam” on their site for a chance to win $50,000.

I was reading how too a lot of people can’t seem to access the shows for some reason as their only means to watching it is online only. Not sure if this helps, but according to what the sites mention the questions are going to be based around the “money lessons from America’s Money Class” and so I think all these bits may help for those that need a quick reference what they may be looking for:

Was just a very quick job as I simply screen captured all of the money lesson notes that they highlighted during all the episodes. Some of them may not make much sense without watching the show, but hopefully that helps for those who need some kind of quick reference.

I thought it was interesting too that they are doing this event on Valentines day. Imagine your date not taking you out for dinner because they are too busy trying to do this exam. Though they did mention you would have only fifteen minutes and it is multiple choice mostly. So may as well try for a chance at free money of you have time I suppose.

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