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Amazon Kindle

I saw this the other day while browsing through and apparently there is a lot of buzz about it.

Essentially, this is supposed to be a digital book of sort. People can buy books digitally by downloading them wirelessly at the fraction of the cost of buying it in its traditional paper. As well, one can read newspaper articles as well.

What was really interesting to me about all this was how when I saw it on the site it seemed as if this was a brand new product launch. Then, as I did some research about it, the product appeared to have come out awhile ago. Apparently, it recently got endorsed by Oprah too and you know that is going to create sales.

So I was just thinking if this product launch was cleverly planned out where since I guess it didn’t get too much exposure before that the company simply treated it like a brand new product launch to build more buzz. Or maybe they knew it was going to be endorsed by Oprah and planned for it. The idea of downloading books to read digitally hasn’t really appealed to me yet personally and I consider myself a tech enthusiast too.

It’s almost like opting to purchase a software download straight from the vendor as oppose to physically having the software on a disc. Even in that case I would rather physically have the disc. Obviously I don’t own a Kindle myself so I can’t really comment about it too much. The price is a factor too as the fact that it is over $300 and looks kind of retro gives me a bias towards it. I can’t help but to have an “iPhone’ type of expectation for that price.

One thing is certain, I do agree that electronic devices like this will be the way of the future. Haven’t personally seen anyone carry these types of devices around yet though.

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  • MoneyMateKate 10/25/2008

    I think the Kindle has been out for less than a year. You can get a $50 discount with a coupon code from for another 5 days.

    I personally wouldn’t even buy it for $100 for the following reasons:

    1) the download costs as much as the paperback version of most books.

    2) What if you lose it, or get it wet? Seems ripe for insurance protection, which as most of us know from cell phone experiences, rarely pays out for your particular circumstances.

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