Amazing Vancouver Sunset Encounter Today
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Amazing Vancouver Sunset Encounter Today

Today while doing my usual walk I took some videos of the scenery for fun and wasn’t expecting much after as I just started to head home. While passing by the beach area though I noticed there were some people with their phones out taking pictures of the sunset. I didn’t think much of it as I just captured it and it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. As I kept walking I noticed even more people with their phones out.

That is when I actually decided to turn my head to look at the sky and realized how red the sky was all of a sudden. Wow, this did look amazing. I quickly took out my gear and began to capture some video. What this made me think of for things like business opportunities is how many times that moment can be right in-front of you where you could be oblivious to it. As well, it’s all about being prepared for when that time comes.

Can you imagine how many times we may do that where we pass by something assuming there is nothing special to it and so we don’t even take a look? What a mistake this would have been as I would have literally just kept on walking otherwise while missing the opportunity to capture this.

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