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Today I stopped by a café with a few other people before getting ready for a project and one person opted to buy a smoothie. The cost was about $5.50 which got me interested as I normally do juicing at home. For the most part, it didn’t look very complicated as it seemed like the worker simply dumped about $2 worth of fruits into a basic blender and mashed it up. While granted a business needs to mark up its prices to earn a profit, it made me think how I could easily do that at home and save a lot of money.

I think that is an important thing everyone should do whenever they dine out. Having the curiosity in wanting to learn how your favorite meals or drinks are prepared not only educates you more about the stuff you are putting in your body but it will also give you a sense of real monetary value for the items you buy. If anything, it may encourage you to prepare things like your own smoothies for example before going out to save you a lot of money.

Like with the above example, after a while you could save so much money by getting your own blender and make the exact same stuff that will save you a lot in the long run. Even working at McDonalds as a teenager showed me how ridiculously easy it is to make things like those Egg McMuffins as an example. Nowadays, you can easily look up videos online on how to make store and restaurant items yourself for way cheaper too. Just need to be curious in wanting to learn.

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