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Always Thinking About The Positive Possibilities

I was reading this heated debate about people who were having a hard time finding work in various industries due to a slowdown of sort. What was interesting was that there was essentially a group of average workers debating with the self employed about this. Interestingly enough, while both sides admitted that it was slow virtually all of the self employed people were saying how it was perfectly manageable.

Of course, there was a lot of finger pointing afterwards on how it must be the person’s own fault for not taking initiative in doing something during the slow times. For the most part I would have to agree with that sentiment as you pretty much do mold your own future. The only other semi reason that I can sort of understand on why many simply can’t do it on their own is that people are trained to always work in a traditional job and corporate environment.

To me it’s almost like people fight themselves from doing things on their own at times where it can make sense. Kind of like how as a child you are so creative in trying to think of the craziest ideas to turn into reality and when you get older most people just try to change your way of thinking where so many things are impossible and that you shouldn’t try.

In many ways this makes me reflect on how many people get so pumped up during events like a business opportunity convention as all of that hype kind re-triggers the imagination and thinking big part of people. That is the key too in terms of getting over the fear of trying things on your own. Instead of focusing so much on the potential disasters that can happen you have to mix it in with an equal amount of thoughts in regards to the positives that can happen if you are successful.

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