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Always Taking Safety Concerns Seriously

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This was interesting today as I saw a guy who I haven’t seen in a long time as we originally attended a school together. I left due to various reasons where one factor was the school was reckless in the sense that people were getting hurt doing these exercises. In some cases people simply can’t contain themselves and end up purposely injuring others. I brought this concern up with the main people in charge and for the most part it was swayed off as if I was just complaining about nothing.

Fast forward today and I learned that apparently after I left there were people who got injured to the point where they actually couldn’t work. Sure enough it was due to the exact reasons that I brought up. As a business I think you should always address safety concerns seriously as I could imagine one bad incident can pretty much cause your whole operation to fold.

Especially like the above example where the person couldn’t work. In this case too it kind of required the business owner to essentially lose a “bad” customer that simply wasn’t following the rules in order to ensure the integrity and safety of the school for everyone else. But I guess for him he still wanted to have that income source. If that means putting everyone else at risk I don’t think that is wise professionally or financially.

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