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Always An Excuse For Some

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I was watching a live court trial today where it seemed like it was suppose to be about a working professional who was collaborating with a company to do some kind of building remodeling work for a client and he felt that the company stiffed him in some way and as a result he launched a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, the actual trial didn’t get to go through as the claimant had someone else show up for him with a doctor’s note stating that he was sick and couldn’t show up. The other side was so frustrated and mentioned how the person has been procrastinating for so long as this was the second time it had happened. On top of that, they have been trying to get this case over with for two years.

The judge had no choice but to postpone the trial and mentioned that next time there can be no excuse as the trial will go on regardless. And I thought those types of coincidental excuses would only work in school to avoid say an exam day.

The person on the defense side was then very upset and mentioned how he ran a 60 million dollar a year business and that every day he takes time off he is losing a substantial amount of money as a result of lost sales and wanted to somehow hold the person accountable for that.

Kind of made me think how sometimes in situations like that people are given a little too much leniency or benefit of the doubt. I guess that is an example on why sometimes people just eat their losses in business instead of dealing with people who seem to have an arsenal of procrastination techniques.

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