Always A Need For A Service or Skill You Can Provide
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Always A Need For A Service or Skill You Can Provide

Today I had an interesting encounter of a person who had a very good friend who was arriving in the country. For this special moment he wanted it to be captured in high quality video. The problem for him was he didn’t happen to own any devices that could do that. Funny enough, as you all know I recently purchased that Galaxy S7 smartphone which could capture 4K video. So I mentioned that I could possibly help if needed. The interesting thing too was that he was willing to pay money for me to do this. It was definitely a lot compared to working at a normal job.

What it got me to think was how for stuff like this initially my mindset was everyone has something that can capture video nowadays right? So why would anyone want to pay someone so much just to capture a brief moment like this? Well like in this example there are. If you were thinking like me too you could imagine how much opportunity you are throwing away if this was something that you did as a side business.

The most common example is language skills I would say. Like here, everyone speaks English right? So why would you ever need to teach anyone that? But of course there are a ton of foreign exchange students or travelers as an example who are looking for someone with this skill-set each day. Kind of shows that if you have a skill or resource to provide there is always someone out there who needs it.

Another thought too was that if you ever have to try and justify buying an expensive item or gadget this scenario gave a logical way for you to do it. Basically, find a way to use it where it will directly bring in income where it becomes more of an investment rather than just an expense.

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