Almost Wanting The Item To Break
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Almost Wanting The Item To Break

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During boxing day I bought this new all in one printer as I definitely needed a new one and it was a good deal. I was going to switch it as soon as the toner finally dies out on my current printer. It’s definitely going though as the prints are all smudged as if there is a lack of toner. I don’t use it for letters that I need to send people but rather things like needing a physical copy of a receipt.

The thing is still going it seems and the funny thing is in my mind I am almost in the mindset of a “just run out already.” I know most people would just toss the thing right away, but this is just one of these example where I always try to use everything up before it gets recycled. Just feels wasteful otherwise. I am not that bad though like how some people will “accidentally” break a belonging to buy a new updated model.

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