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Almost Feel Silly Not Buying The Ugly Fruits


I was surprised to see this at a local supermarket today where it would appear that the store is now selling “ugly fruits” which is what many people dub them as. Basically, products that don’t quite have that TV commercial quality look where as a result people assume you can’t eat it and all. Of course what stand out to me here is the price. As you can see, in this case it was eight pounds of apples for almost five dollars.

When you look at it too the apples actually don’t even look that bad. As well, could you honestly tell if you were one to make things like an apple pie or were to raw juice it? I would be inclined to say no and you would save a heck of a lot of money. Normally eight pounds of apple at larger stores could cost like nine dollars as an example.


Wouldn’t you feel a little silly not buying the cheaper product here if the products were put side by side while having the two prices put in front of you? Some of this just seems like it is considered less desirable because it’s not like a fully red apple or something.

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