Allowing Others To Treat You Bad To Get An Edge

Allowing Others To Treat You Bad To Get An Edge

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This was interesting I thought as I saw a scenario where for some reason a group of people really despised this person where it could only be because of things such as jealousy of the person’s success. Indeed they were trying everything possible to maliciously take him down. The funny thing was by not doing anything the bystanders who witness this suddenly want to side and support him. Like in this case people specifically wanted to do business with him as a result.

Kind of interesting when you think about it as many people would assume that you would have to somehow silence or control people that are always trying to attack you. But in many ways it can help you as people are likely to become skeptical where if people feel that malicious towards a person that maybe their opinions are a bit jaded which would encourage people to find out for themselves. In that case it’s more about you focusing your time to those who will judge you without bias.

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