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All In One Products

When it comes to things like shampoo, for the most part I have had a habit of simply buying products that have a shampoo and conditioner. It seems like the most common type of item that is placed on the shelf too as if they expect people to buy it over others. Out of curiosity I took a look at how much it would cost to buy them individually. For the most part, it is literally like paying for two all in one products it seems. Except in that scenario you would have to manually choose your quantities of each when you use it. Cost wise, it did seem more expensive too.

That just made me wonder how much you could save if you were willing to live a year where for most of your wants and needs you tried to get items that blend products in a way that is reasonably acceptable. Example, instead of having a dedicated phone you would use the Internet as your phone too. If you are craving to drink multiple juices then instead of buying individual flavours you would get like a fruit punch.

Yes, it is probably super hard to do when you think about it as for many things you just want the items individually. Sure makes me wonder though like with the shampoo example on how many other things that I use where there is a more logical all in one solution that makes sense to save money.

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