All In One or Specialty Store Shopping

All In One or Specialty Store Shopping

I was just reading this news article about a large Walmart Supercenter that opened up in the Surrey area and with the pictures I saw it sure does look big. There was some quotes from company representatives mentioning that is the way of the future where we can go into one place and have everything that we need available.

Within that article also talked about a local business where that new Walmart store opened up around and he mentioned that he wasn’t too worried about these Supercenters as he believes people will still go to him due to his service quality.

For myself, I usually go to specialty stores to buy things whenever possible over general stores. I usually found that it is cheaper this way too as specialty stores often carry more of a particular product where they can get it cheaper. At the same time, they often carry more brands to give you better choices to compare your dollar to from my experience.


  • Stewart 8/1/2008

    Humm, big store, everything in one place? Sounds like a department store. I thought that model was dead, I mean Eatons, Sears, The Bay – all either dead or struggling.

    Maybe it’s to do with demographics?

  • Alan Yu 8/1/2008

    Well, think of it like a Superstore, Winners and Sportchek all mixed into one. That’s what that Walmart Supercenter looks like it is trying to do to a certain extent anyways.

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