Agreeing With An Ideology To Get Opportunities

Agreeing With An Ideology To Get Opportunities

With so much news still going on about the US elections there were some interesting debates between the two sides as the country seems split. One key talking point seems to be many believe that if one side doesn’t fall in-line with the other then they should in some way be punished for it. That could come in the form of making sure these people don’t get future job opportunities as an example. Then there were accusations of some people simply jumping sides that they don’t agree with for fear that they will be left out of future opportunities.

I think this is one of those things that you can’t deny happens throughout the business world. Can you ever truly avoid it by simply being neutral in the same manner as trying to avoid politics when it comes to doing your business? I can imagine in many ways some would view it where by not supporting something that automatically means you are against it.

With that in mind too it actually makes you wonder if there are any neutral businesses out there where the focus is to simply give you a product or service without any kind of strings attached to the organization in regards to personal beliefs that one tries to get others to follow or political affiliations.

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