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It’s been a awhile since I posted anything about Agloco and today I can as I was able to download and install the toolbar. I expected this thing to be very unstable since it is the first release, and so I decided to install it on my old XP setup. Sure enough, it created some glitches here and there it seems. The toolbar seems similar to the AllAdvantage days as a little bar that is suppose to have advertisements basically resides on the bottom of your screen. The funny thing I thought was that the bar actually shows up regardless if the browser is on or not which I thought was a little confusing as it makes it feel like it is an actually application that runs if you have the Internet on in general as oppose to just browsing the web. I took a brief video on how it looks and all.

You can see some of the graphical glitches that I experienced personally and me using the toolbar. As evident, there are no ads to be displayed at the moment it seems. I was also looking at my account on how many people signed up with me to try this thing out and it looks like there are about 97 people as of today. At this stage though, I think non technically savvy people may want to let the more technical people test out the actual application more thoroughly first as it may be a real pain to fix if it ends up conflicting with your system.

Again, this should be fun and interesting to document. If people end up being able to make some spare money on the side like before with AllAdvantage, then all the better.

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  • zouleikha 7/15/2007

    i am a new member
    i failed to install agloko toolbar
    what to do?

  • Alan Yu 7/15/2007

    If you can describe what you did and the type of errors you are getting maybe someone will have a solution you can try.

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