Age And Race Factor In Business

Age And Race Factor In Business

I thought this was a very different style of elevator pitching that was done to me. Essentially, the person was interested in doing PR type of work in the future and was telling me how if I ever needed anything like that to give him a call as he felt he had the right personality to do so.

He then went on to talk a bit on how he looked older than me which will help when it comes to those people who only want to talk to others who are over a certain age group. At the same time, he commented on how it can be more effective to get someone like him to speak to people within his own race group as that will eliminate any stereotypes or prejudice when it comes to talking business.

While there are a ton of people like that, as I encounter them everyday, I personally adopted the attitude of not trying to convince people with that kind of mindset. Why spend all of your energy convincing someone who solely relies on superficial factors like those when you can focus on doing what you do to attract people that focus on values and results?

It’s almost like saying, if you had a million dollars to giveaway which was in a very cartoony box that a specific person wouldn’t go near to take as a result, would you keep trying to convince the person to take it? There are a ton of others who will focus on the gift inside the box instead.

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