Afraid Of Getting Your Ideas Stolen

Afraid Of Getting Your Ideas Stolen

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I was watching an interesting video today of a guy that has apparently been working for years in trying to get his product going where the main drawback was financing. So, he essentially needed funders. The funny thing is that even though he has everything prepared to pitch the idea he is afraid as by pitching it he is telling the whole world about his idea and someone can just easily take it.

I guess an example is like a writer that sends unsolicited pitches to a studio in hopes that his script will be bought. Therefore, the fear is the studio can just take your idea and run as you don’t really have any protection since it is unsolicited. I suppose the only real way to be safe is to get the funding yourself or be so good that people will want to come to you where you can set on the ground rules in the beginning before they can see your work.

This can be a huge procrastinator for some people where they end up never doing anything as they always think their idea is too golden. I heard one good phrase in regards to this before though from a person. Basically, he said something along the lines of if you trust that your one idea is so great then you should trust in yourself that you can always create more.

Good way of thinking I think as eventually you have to do something with your ideas. Otherwise they are kind of pointless. Take precautions of course but don’t just leave them on the shelf simply because you are afraid people will run away with them.

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