Afraid of Cancelling Orders

Afraid of Cancelling Orders

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Today I was with a person who got some heavy items delivered and she was mentioning about some other items that were purchased from different companies which she was waiting for as well. She also expressed her displeasure about the other company taking so long and as well charging delivery fees for it. The worker then asked why she simply doesn’t cancel the order as his company offers the same item without the delivery charge and since he worked for that other company before he knows that she won’t incur any kind of fee for doing so.

She was then expressing how she doesn’t think she can do that as she didn’t want to get a surprise bill and at the same time it didn’t seem proper to cancel an order in this case since they processed it already. Basically, to her in it feels kind of unethical to do so. Kind of an interesting way to look at it as I know for a fact she has no issues returning an item if she was dissatisfied with it and so in many ways it is kind of the same right?

You shouldn’t be afraid to do this as it’s up to the businesses to remain competitive. At minimum too there should be no reason to tell them that X company is offering you this and so you are curious if they will match it. In many cases the company will and so that means saved money for you. If they just flat out say too bad to you then maybe you should rethink about doing it simply to be “nice” as clearly they are simply in a “it’s just business” mindset in which you should be too I say.

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