Advertising Your Business Growth Versus Your Actual Products Endy Mattress

Advertising Your Business Growth Versus Your Actual Products Endy Mattress

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I saw this advertisement the other day that seemed to revolve around the company Endy which sells mattresses. Like other companies in the same industry their strategy is to sell directly to the consumer as the mattress is delivered in a pretty compact box for easy transport. That should allow customer to receive products for less money since the middle person is not needed. While you would expect the ad to have all these clips on how wonderful the mattress is apparently they spent all their money advertising how they got funding on a reality investment show called Dragon’s Den. For those who are unaware, this is like Shark Tank in the US.


So in this ad you are literally watching their pitch episode where they attempt to sell off a piece of the company in order to get investors to come on board. I was thinking how that was a little different to immediately think this is a more effective marketing strategy. In some ways it can be I suppose since they did a have a successful pitch I would imagine being on TV in that way as well provides credibility and a lot of trust.

In other ways it feels a little weird. It would be like having been the star of a movie where you then try and use that fame to advertise a product that consists of literally just showing clips of you from the movie versus say whatever kitchen appliance it is that you were selling. But I guess if it works then you can’t argue huh?

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