Advertising Controversial Campaigns

Advertising Controversial Campaigns

I received a notice lately about an advertising campaign in regards to a US political issue. Apparently, it had something to do with a vote to ban gay marriage in California, something calleda Proposition 8, and there was an ad campaign that targeted bloggers in the Forbes network.

I guess the network did the right thing and made it an opt in ad campaign as I’m sure this could create a lot of controversy. Interestingly enough, it made no real difference for me as the campaign offer is below the minimum CPM price point and so it can’t be display with the settings I have.

This is always an interesting decision you need to make from a business perspective though where accepting and rejecting offers that while may be very financially rewarding, you have to remember that in many ways people will automatically label you to what you advertise as well. Although, if it does pop up and you happen to be a reader from California, it would be interesting to get some feedback on what the campaign is like from a viewer’s perspective.

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