Advertisements Within Paid Microsoft Office Products

Advertisements Within Paid Microsoft Office Products

Today when I opened up Microsoft Word to do some writing I noticed there was this message floating near the top of the document which usually appears if there is some kind of error. But upon reading it the message seemed to be an advertisement indicating that you can subscribe to its Microsoft Office 360 service for one dollar a month.

This got me thinking on whether or not this is an appropriate thing to do on products where the end user as paid for. I can see this being a business model for items that are given for free. But for products that are paid for this seems like double dipping. I know some companies like Netflix has been floating that idea as well where there is a tier system of sort where they will potentially offer some shows for free which are supported by ads. At the same time, I have heard people complain on how they see company ads still regardless that they are subscriber.

This would have been unheard of before cloud subscription based software was widespread. Would you actually pay a premium to get a standalone software to avoid these types of integrated web-based advertisements?

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