Adjusting Restaurant Menu Items To Sway Multiple Orders

Adjusting Restaurant Menu Items To Sway Multiple Orders

It’s safe to say that restaurants have been one of the hardest hit businesses during these times where many had to adjust for takeout deliveries even though their business was designed to be dine in. For some places they increased the prices by two times the original it seems such as one example I saw where dishes that used to cost around $12 are now over $24.

That wasn’t too shocking overall as a lot of places have increased prices to survive. But it was the variety of choices that got my attention. There used to be a lot of options that seemed to have been taken away where instead of providing the combinations that would satisfy a lot of people they have split them up. For example, a beef and broccoli dish is very common but even that seems to be gone where the two items are separated.

Imagine going to a McDonald’s as an example where you are used to seeing combos that come with a burger, fries and a drink. Not only are they more expensive now, but envision the combos being adjusted where you can buy a burger with fries but no drink. If you want a drink you can get it with the combo consisting of a drink and apple pie. Or imagine it as the combo is a burger with an apple pie and the other is French fries with a drink.

The only thing I could think of business wise is that this would encourage more orders for people to get the basics they are used to per se. I don’t know if that business strategy would work in the long run as I can easily see people going elsewhere. Especially if you are an established business where people are used to certain choices.

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